Pat Davis has been visiting our community for several years, providing excellent service to all of our residents. He takes such time and care with our residents, making it very convenient to have their hearing needs taken care of in the privacy of their own home. He gives great suggestions and solutions to them. On some occasions it may be as easy as the resident cleaning their ears, or just changing a battery. IN other situations it may involve adjusting their hearing aids, or making suggestions for other solutions. Just to have him come to our residents directly has really been a huge help. IN many cases, it has made such a big difference in their quality of life, being able to participate in activities and general conversation again.

We are very grateful to Pat and the solutions he provides!

Kind regards,
Heidi M.  - Littleton, CO


I would like to recommend Pat Davis of House Call Hearing as an outstanding hearing resource for our residents. Pat is patient and knowledgeable, and has helped many of our residents. I am impressed with his kind manner and generous spirit. We look forward to when Pat comes to help us. Many thanks for doing free hearing checks, and hearing aid cleaning.

Cindy L. - Lakewood, CO


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the service that you provide for our residents. In the many years that you have been coming to offer a monthly Hearing Clinic, you have served  a great number of our residents' hearing needs: everything from hearing aids, batteries, hearing aid cleaning, hearing tests and wax removal.

The sign-up sheet seems to get more and more names on it each passing month, as the folks who have taken advantage of your services talk it up with their neighbors and recommend you to them. I have heard from a handful of residents who seem to be happy with you and your service.

You have certainly provided a more personal service that your predecessors who have been here in the past. We often see you coming in on house calls to see residents individually, a service that is valuable to people who don't have their own transportation.

Although our facility is an independent living facility, amenities like a regular in-house Hearing Clinic, serviced by a caring, knowledgeable and experienced professional is very much appreciated.

With thanks,
Kris C. - Littleton, CO


I am very happy with my hearing aids provided by Pat Davis with House Call Hearing. He has made life much easier for me. The fact that he does make "housecalls" is great! Hearing aids do need adjustments at times and he is always ready and willing to visit me. Pat is very knowledgeable about hearing problems and has gone out of his way to provide me with as much assistance as possible in adjusting my hearing aids to work for me.

Gerald D.


It is a pleasure to recommend Pat Davis. He has been very helpful to my wife and me. He has taken more time and has tried very hard to help us. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of hearing aids.

Richard J.