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Pat Davis has combined a science background with business creativity and 30+ years of experience in the hearing instrument sciences to establish House Call Hearing.  The mobile hearing aid service visits private residences by appointment to provide convenience, lower prices and personalized service in their search for a hearing aid.

Pat started his professional career as a laboratory technician, studying rocks and minerals at research facilities, including Colorado School of Mines. His job revolved around conducting research and then analyzing that research. “I was always surrounded by and working with things.”  He says, explaining his need for a career change.  Following his brother’s path, he veered away from his work in the physical science fields of geology and mining. Pat immersed himself in the world of hearing instrument sciences during a two-year apprenticeship.  After completion of the apprenticeship, Pat was Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences in 1984 and began a life long career working in clinics as an employee and owner.In the middle of his career, he took a break from working directly with patients to explore the other side of the coin as a hearing aid factory representative. This position allowed him to have a deeper understanding of hearing aid technology.

Pat has been able to combine his science background with his perpetual patience and professional wisdom to grow a successful business in the hearing instrument science industry.

"Over thirty years later, here I am. I never thought I would be doing this, but I truly enjoy working with people from all walks of life.

From retired policemen and judges to a woman whose husband ran an observatory in Hawaii, Pat has heard stories that inspire an unmatched respect for his customers. The real joy in his line of work comes from creating lasting relationships.

In 2010, Pat established House Call Hearing, a unique business model that allows his clients to save time and money. He travels to private residences, as well as a number of active senior living centers, with his portable testing equipment. He screens for hearing loss, recommends a product, delivers the product and sets a maintenance schedule.

A low overhead expense, allows House Call Hearing to offer generous referral gifts, and still keep hearing aid prices low. Without leaving the comfort of their own homes, customers save money, receive one-on-one personalized service and have access to name brand digital hearing systems. They are also able to experience the optimum performance of their hearing aids because they are programmed within their actual daily listening environment.

Pat understands the need for a customer’s caution, suspicion and anxiety during the hearing aid decision-making process. He encourages family members to attend appointments, and oftentimes establishes a relationship with the entire family. During each stage of the process, from diagnostics to maintenance, he maintains steady communication with his customers’ family members if requested.

House Call Hearing has afforded Pat and his wife, Robin, the opportunity to move back up the hill to Bailey. He lived in Conifer many years ago and is looking forward to living and working in the 285 corridor. He intends to work with new customers in Conifer, Bailey and the surrounding areas, who would benefit from the convenience, service and lower prices that House Call Hearing provides.

The hearing instrument science industry has become more than just a job to Pat. He has volunteered countless hours and donated funds to increase the success of the industry. In the late 1980s, Pat served on the Board of Directors for Colorado Hearing Aid Society for 4 years. Currently, he is providing funding for loop systems in 2 theater rooms at a Senior Assisted Living community. The loop systems are compatible with hearing aids, making it possible for customers to clearly hear the TV.

Hearing aid technology is changing with new advances occurring everyday. Pat continuously attends seminars and conferences to continue his education and stay current with news in the industry. While technology is the product he works with, Pat focuses more on a personalized relationship with his customers. “I call my line of work High Touch, not high tech, because I work with my clients from the testing stages through maintenance schedules.” Pat explains. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to work closely with a customer, especially through what is sometimes a fragile stage of life. He has learned to be flexible, always respecting his customers’ level of independence and pride.

Deciding on a hearing aid is a monumental step - mentally, physically and financially. Pat takes into consideration all three of these factors when working with a customer, taking care to perfectly match ability and capability, as well as budget with the correct model.

Call Pat to make an appointment at 720-785-0393 today.
Reprint of article published in High Timber Times newspaper.

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