Hearing Aid Features

Denver Hearing Aid Options and Features

There's an Affordable Digital Hearing Aid for Everyone.

Everyone's lifestyle and budget are unique, just as every person's hearing loss is unique. Your hearing instruments will deliver brilliant sound quality so you can hear more of what you want to hear and less of what you don't in all listening environments.

At House Call Hearing we offer cost effective hearing aid technologies in an effort to provide the greatest possible benefit with with every level of technology.  Our goal is to provide a range of product options for each family's available budget. We are sensitive to our patient's choice of specific hearing aid styles, colors, and market price points.

The most recent development in hearing improvement science is known as Purpose Driven Technology.  This is another way of saying, "The Right Hearing Aid for You".  More accurately, it's a method for providing you with the hearing aid that's best suited to correct the effects of your hearing loss in your lifestyle.  For example, if you suffer from mild hearing loss and you lead a more relaxed lifestyle, you may need a different device than a very active person with profound hearing loss.  Purpose Driven Technology moves us away from a "one size fits most" world of the past. There used to be fewer choices for hearing loss correction and hearing aids were often only used in ideal circumstances.  More personalized options in your hearing aids could lead to more options in your lifestyle.

House Call Hearing aims to give you professional, one-on-one service in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to discuss Hearing Aid features, pricing options or any other details, call (720) 785-0393  or send an email to schedule your In-Home Hearing Test today.

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