How Does It Work?

Step 1: Make an Appointment

Call: (720) 785-0393, or

Step 2: Testing
A State of the Art, computer assisted in-home screening process will indicate whether a Medical Referral is recommended, as well as detecting the nature and extent of the client's hearing loss.

Step 3: Recommendations
A relaxed discussion when our clients and their friends and family can weight the pros and cons of different styles of Hearing Aids, their features and pricing considerations, and what is appropriate for the hearing loss in question.  Determinations are made concerning which Hearing Aid Technologies are best suited to our client's needs and budget.

Step 4: Purchase your new Hearing Aid
We accept personal checks and all major credit cards.

Step 5: Delivery and No Risk Trial Period
Take delivery of your new digital Hearing Aids and begin your 30 day trial period.  Customized and tailored to your environment, this is when we make sure the new hearing improvement device is matched to our patient's needs.

Step 6: Hearing Aid Maintenance
Set your maintenance schedule for cleaning and adjustment.  We come to your location and keep your hearing aid performing at it's best.  If at any time you require hearing aid repair or servicing, we will come to our client's location and address the problem as soon as possible.

Step 7: Refer a Friend or Family Member
Learn more about how everyone wins when you Refer a Friend!

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