Family & Friends

Colorado Hearing AidsMessage to Family Members;

If you are a related to, or a close friend of a person with a hearing loss, you are in a unique position to support their efforts to correct their hearing loss. You have seen them ask you to repeat your words or seen them miss parts of your sentences. You may have seen them begin to withdraw from family activities or to avoid simple social settings due to their hearing loss.

They may be ready to take corrective action or they could be in denial of the evidence that others can easily see. Where do you begin to help? For many families, taking time off from their work and other commitments to participate in the process is difficult. We are all busy with our lives and family obligations. House Call Hearing was created in 2010 to help the entire family as well as the hearing impaired patient. The convenience of our mobile service that provides in-home testing, sales and service is what sets us apart.

All roads begin with a hearing screening or a full hearing test. If the loss is quantified and properly explained it is not difficult to take the next step. There is no charge for this test and it can be conducted in the comfort of their own home. If they already wear hearing aids, it is not difficult to review the results of their current prescription. A technology upgrade can provide significant improvement in the right situation.
If hearing correction is warranted, we can begin the discussion of budget, style, insurance, warranties, medical referrals when needed and in-home service. In the state of Colorado, all new hearing aid purchases include a 30 day trial period.

House Call Hearing accepts new patients from south west Denver, Conifer, Evergreen, Bailey and the 285 corridor. By focusing on our specific and limited area, we can guarantee the best level of service for each of our patients.

All families want to be confident in the quality and safety of products and services provided to a loved one. That is the basic foundation of House Call Hearing.