Colorado Hearing Aids - House Call Hearing provides in-home service for patients with hearing loss problems. Custom fit hearing aids adjusted to your every day environment in your home at a price that beats any clinic!

House Call Hearing provides in-home service for patients with hearing loss.

1. In-Home Convenience
Instead of you traveling to a Denver Hearing clinic, House Call Hearing will come to you, in your home. Your new digital Hearing Aids are delivered and programmed at your location for the best real life hearing improvement.

2. Quality Colorado Hearing Aids

We offer name brand, nationally known digital hearing systems, backed by full manufacturer’s warranty, including loss and damage insurance. Wireless and Bluetooth® options allow your Colorado Hearing Aids to receive rich stereo sound directly from your TV, cell phone, and MP3 player.  To cover all levels of hearing loss and a wide range of budgets, we offer all product levels:

- Ultimate                  – Basic
- Advanced                 – Entry

3. Lower Costs = Lower Prices

By using a “Niche Marketing” approach we limit our overhead expense in a way that traditional hearing loss clinics cannot, and even though we offer generous referral gifts, we still keep our prices low in a competitive Denver Hearing Aid marketplace.  An alternative business model translates into a better value for our patients.

4. The Benefits of Experience

It is easy to understand how lower prices and greater personal service is the path to greater value.  As a member of the Colorado Hearing Aid Society and being Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences since 1984, House Call Hearing offers expertise and judgment developed over nearly 3 decades of dedicated service in the Denver, Colorado area.  We know all about hearing improvement technology and hearing loss – and we make it our business to know just as much about our clients.  It’s our top priority to help you make the most of your time, energy and resources, so please leave a voice mail or send an email today for more information.

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